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Shooting Weddings in the Rain: How to Avoid Getting Wet

Do you need to shoot a wedding in the rain? It’s not an uncommon question among professional photographers, but it should be. The first thing to do is determine what your client wants. Some might want a daytime wedding with an outdoor ceremony and reception, which would require shooting during the most challenging time of year for weather conditions. Others may choose a sunset or evening wedding that takes place indoors and can avoid the rain altogether. If you’re determined to shoot outside in the rain, there are some things you can do beforehand to prepare yourself so that you stay dry and comfortable on your big day! There’s no reason why one should have their clothes soaked by pouring rain or be worried about getting sick from being wet all day.

Ways to prepare for rainy your wedding day photos?

There’s nothing worse than a day of shooting weddings in the rain. You’re constantly wet and cold, your equipment is getting soaked, but somehow you have to keep going. Luckily for all of us, we can do some simple things to avoid being wholly drenched when working outside on rainy days.

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  • Dress for the weather – It sounds like common sense, but it’s easy to forget that you need waterproof clothing (pants or a skirt that covers your shoes) if it is raining. A raincoat or poncho will also help protect you from most of the water coming down from above.
  • Bring an umbrella with you (and make sure all your equipment is waterproof!) but don’t use it near people who are posing because umbrellas end up looking like big white blotches in photos unless they’re positioned just right.
  • Wear clothes with layers so that if one layer gets wet and uncomfortable, you can remove it and continue wearing another layer underneath without feeling too cold.
  • Go for natural light whenever possible. Shooting under an umbrella can often lead to harsh shadows and unsightly glare. Instead, try to find a naturally well-lit spot, even if it means getting wet!

What do wedding photographers do when it rains?

Don’t panic if there is a forecast for rain on your wedding day! Your photographer has probably been through this before and has a plan in place. In most cases, the photographer will bring along an assistant to help with umbrellas and tarps if needed. If it’s light rain, they may continue shooting as planned. However, if it’s heavier rain, they may need to move indoors or postpone the shoot until later in the day.

If you’re worried about your photos being rained on, don’t be! Your photographer will do everything possible to make sure that you have beautiful photos that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Trust them to know what they’re doing.